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Stuart Tank
Rodney Wells ECWG Wombat July August 1987


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July August  1987

September October 1987

November December 1987

January February  1988

Shawn Comrie and I have already begun a kind of “collaboration” in  placing useful resources as well on this page.  Your comments, contributions etc. are also invited and most welcome (just use the commenting facility below.)  Let us share the wealth of our knowledge and expertise in our unique hobby!

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A Free Resource which will enable you to chronicle your battles with ease!   Please also feel free to create your own Battle reports for submission to this page!

Send them to me at  and for now I will endeavour to publish them here! We would specifically welcome them! (Don’t let this deter you but please note that all contributions will be moderated to help ensure a high standard.) You can also use the commenting facility to add captions to existing albums for consideration.

Archive of published Photo Albums Here you can post comments  on the photos and download them for your personal collection.

Anglo Boer War Whiskey Siege

Battle of Waterloo (Captions please!)

Memoir-44 Highlights

(more albums to come) * Important note:  should club members feel uncomfortable about specific personal   photos of themselves in these albums, please communicate this to me as soon as possible and I will ensure that they are removed.  Remember your privacy is always respected!

Finnish National Archives (courtesy of Darryn)

Interesting Links:

The Game that can Give you 10 Extra Years

Gaming can make a better World

A Game that Heals

If your curiosity is insatiable and you are academically inclined:

Mouse-over and click on images 2 and 3

Kings CollegeDept War StudiesCauses of War Course

War Studies

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